Monday, January 30, 2012

Offline dating

Since I started this blog I have primarily focused on meeting women through the internet. While this is one of the easiest ways to hook up I don't want to ignore the obvious which is meeting women in everyday situations. There is plenty of material available for how to pick up girls in bars and clubs if you search for it. You will have to spend a lot of time sorting out the junk from the good stuff but it is out there. What I see a lack of is quality information on how to meet women under circumstances that do not require some formal type of social gathering.

Since I just posted a couple of tips on another blog I figure that the least I can do is reference it here so that none of my readers miss out. Think of these as tools which you can use to help meet women in public places. Not a complete method but some ideas that will pay off if you employ them in the right situation. I will update this page as I think of them.

Good gimmicks for attracting women in the supermarket.

1. Go through the cute cashiers line with all of the ingredients for sushi or something else that is popular but few people know how to prepare.

She will almost definitely make a comment about what you are making. If you know how to cook this is great. If not then you should definitely learn. Having a woman over for a meal that you prepared is an aphrodisiac in itself. You will have to find a way to continue the conversation when she has a spare minute or you run into her again but from now on you will be known as the "guy who makes sushi". This is good.

2. If you can't find a cute girl at the check stand, find one on the sales floor. Ask her where some exotic ingredient is located because you need it for some gourmet dish that you are preparing. Choose something popular that most people love. Watch her eyes dilate as she thinks about the dish that you describe.

I do this a lot using shrimp scampi or a desert containing chocolate.

3. Make a funny observation. "Why does every store always put the tuna on the bottom shelf?"

Okay I know that the last one isn't that funny but it can start a conversation. See what you can come up with.