Tuesday, November 22, 2011

POF Meet Me

Next time you are sitting in front of your computer with nothing to do, check out the Meet Me section of Plenty of Fish. It's sort of like rate my face but with a better chance of meeting someone. I decided to experiment with the feature and it's a pretty cool way to save some time and increase the number of women that you will be chatting with. Much easier than pasting your reply into a bunch of profiles. A lot of them won't answer you but some will. The good news is that a reply is an indication that she is open to getting to know you a bit more.

Speaking of, I have been using POF a lot more lately and while it has it's challenges and complications (like women you are dating asking why you're still active so often) it is a great way to put yourself in a more proactive position than Craigslist. I have had some women send me messages on POF but I have to say that most of them I wasn't really interested in. That's the difference here. You have to contact the attractive women first as opposed to Craigslist where hot women will contact you although there is just so much spam in between.

If you haven't done so already do yourself a favor and make a profile on POF and OKCupid. They are both free and you will find plenty of women on both.

I added a search box to the blog. This was done for my own convenience because honestly I don't remember half of what I've posted and I'm trying not to repeat myself. Maybe you guys will find it useful too. Hopefully you've read my previous posts about the basics of pulling dates out of Craigslist. I haven't updated much here lately because I'm working on a way to better organize the information here. Most of what you need to know about meeting more women than you can handle is already here, just not in any particular order. Once I get everything together I promise everyone who is on the email list a free copy of the materials which will most like be in the form of an ebook.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Why some women can't get laid

I found this posted in a forum a while back. It was titled something like pick-up lines for women. There are actually a couple of good lines here but most of them suck pretty bad. Girls, don't make these mistakes. You either guys. I'll comment with my thoughts for each.

At a sports bar: "What's the most impressive goal you've ever scored in a game?"
Ok this might work if the guy happens to be/was a jock. True guys do like to talk about their accomplishments. Just make sure to change the subject soon because the topic doesn't really lead anywhere on it's own.

At a club: "I dare you to show me your moonwalk."
Kinda funny but not really. If he does show you a bad example are you going to feel more attracted to him? I see the point about being able to have fun but I'd prefer that the guy gets the girl to moonwalk instead. Now that is entertaining.

At a restaurant bar: "They have the best nachos here. Ever tried 'em?"

At a friend's party: "I wanted to talk to you the second I got here, but no one introduced me. So I'm introducing myself."
I like this! You are making no excuses and getting right to the point even if you hesitated at first. Very direct. Use it.

At the laundromat: "I'm bored. What do you normally do when your underwear is drying?"
This would make me laugh. A lot of guys would go pervert though so be careful. You might not like the answer. For a guy to ask this he should have a good read on her at first. Otherwise he will sound like a perv.

At the park: "Any ideas on how to turn this blanket into a Twister board? I really want to play."
Too sexual. Ask me this only if you really do want to play. Naked.

At a baseball game: "I bet you a post-game drink that (insert player's name) will hit a home run this inning."
During a conversation sure. As an opener a bit much. That's the first thing out of your mouth? Who TF are you?

At the gym: "You look like you know your way around this place. Where's that machine that works your glutes?"
Really. You want to invite butt comments this soon? I hope you are ready for the response.

On the beach: "I bet you're wondering how I avoid tan lines."