Friday, February 20, 2009

When she replies without a photo

"Who is the girl with no pictures that replied to me? She must be ugly"

Don't be so certain about that. I have met a lot of hot girls who just wanted to be discreet.

I realize now after many conversations with women whom I've met on CL why it is so much easier to work than the paid (and even free) personals. A lot of females do not want to post their picture online in this context. Most paid personal services require that you submit a clear photo of your face. Not only that, you also have to spend a good hour or so completing a profile form. For the person who is just "experimenting" this is just too much of an investment. Remember that women like to try new things and "see what happens." Going through the application and submission process for a personal service is a solid commitment that says "I am lonely and I can't find a man in the real world." Replying to ads on Craigslist without a picture is not only anonymous but also perfect for the whole "If it's meant to be..." mindset.

"So how do I find out what she looks like without wasting a lot of time?"

Well, if you subscribe to my newsletter you already know the answer to this one. If not I suggest you sign up today for the only newsletter written specifically for meeting attractive girls on CL. Just send an email to

Friday, February 13, 2009

Posting a photo in your ad

I have to run here in a few. It's Friday night and tomorrow is Valentine's Day! I've got a relatively small amount of time to come up with some unique gift ideas.

A lot of people make a mad rush to find a date for February 14th. It is a great opportunity to meet single (lonely) women. Let me add that the few days after Valentine's are excellent also as some of them never found Prince Charming and will only be reminded of their solitude by this holiday. That means that if you are still looking for a woman the day after tomorrow, there will be plenty who are still very available. Keep on posting!

A lot of people have been asking me about what kind of photo to include in their ad/profile. The answer varies but I will answer the question in a way that everyone should be able to understand. Figure out what category you fit into and then take the appropriate action:

Good looking guys - Post a picture of yourself! Unless you are afraid that someone you know might see you there is no reason not to use your appearance to your advantage. Don't use the one with your ex-girlfriend or mom in it. Activity shots, like you riding your dirt bike, hang gliding, or at the beach are great just as long as they can make out your face or other attractive feature(s). If you don't have anything like that handy, just put up a picture that does clearly show off your handsomeness. I want to discourage you from posing shirtless unless that is appropriate for the setting. In other words, if you are swimming ok. If it's you in your house, posing shirtless comes off as if you are trying too hard. Wearing clothing that flatters your physique is fine but try to avoid looking like you want to audition for Chippendales. Another problem you will encounter is that some girls will think that you are just another member of the meat market looking to get laid. It can even intimidate the one's who aren't happy with their own bodies - most of the female population.

Average looking guys - The advice that I give you is the same as what I tell the more unattractive guys. Don't post your photo. There are millions of average guys in the world trying to get a date. You will almost always be immediately disqualified because you are not exceptional. My challenge is exactly that. I do not look like a CK model. Some girls find me attractive but many do not when they look at my pictures. The good news is that once I give them the opportunity to find out how cool I am and what makes me so different than the majority of guys out there, then and only then will they be ready to see the man behind the words. By that time, they are already more concerned with who I am rather than how perfect my face is so all that becomes far less important. I can't tell you how many times girls have told me that they didn't think of me "that way" until we had a little conversation.

"But don't ads with pictures get way more responses?"

Yes, to be accurate they do get more views. Ultimately they will get more responses if you choose the right picture. Which is why it is crucial that you do post a photo.

"Well if I shouldn't post a picture of my ugly mug then I'm finished?"

Well, I said post a picture. That doesn't mean that it has to be a picture of you! I get about 20 emails per day when I have my ads up. When I post without any pictures I get one or two. The math is simple. For my posts I use a lot of landscapes, clouds, and other female friendly photos. Some I took myself, others I found surfing the internet. What photo you select says a lot about you. Choose wisely. One she clicks on your ad, you have her attention. At that point the body of your message becomes the next deciding factor. I'll get into that later...

If you do post your picture, don't post the ones from ten years ago when you still had hair and no beer belly. You are only setting yourself up for rejection when she realizes that you are basically a fake.

As a last bit of advice for today, remember what type of woman you want to attract. For example if you like cowgirls then don't dress like a metrosexual.

Eventually she will ask for your picture after you have communicated a bit. My next post will cover that...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Taking my ads down

I haven't posted here in a while because I simply have not had the time. I have dated more women in the last six months than I did last year. At this point I have too many women and not enough time. The internet is an amazing thing if you know how to use it. I also won't be posting here as much to protect the effectiveness of my posting techniques. If you want to get the inside info on what I'm not telling the public you will want to subscribe to my free newsletter. Drop me a line at and I will add you. I am also working on an e-book that should be available within the next few weeks. Only the subscribers to my newsletter will be able to order it for the time being.