Monday, June 7, 2010

Stupid e-whores

Geez I can't believe how obvious these guys are. This is one of the lamest attempts at internet marketing that I've ever seen:

#SENDER_FNAME# I'm glad you mailed me back. I was worried that you were just another spam bot on CL. Anyway, Im actually sending this from my new blackberry at my friends house cause my stupid internet is out right now. So, Im sorry if I dont answer your questions right away, but Im still getting used to using this thing. But...Yes, Im real, and Im excited for a few days off from work. Im a curvy Italian girl who loves sex, I have a great phone sex voice, lol. I live alone in a condo close to downtown. What Im looking for is someone to have a few drinks with and then hopefully that will lead to a lot more erotic stuff. Im into handcuffs, being spanked and I love watching dirty videos. Although, some tame stuff can be good too. I'm actually off of work today till Febuary 16th so Im wanting to hook up soon. Mabey we could meet at my place for a few drinks sometime this week?

I approach dating just like I approach sex, safely. Better to be protected cause who knows whats out there. So heres your invite here Its NOT a dating site. It only has real peoples phone numbers and addresses. Plus, doesnt charge you, which is good cause Im still broke from my sisters birthday lol! My cell number is listed so give me a ring or send a text. Id prefer a call cause hearing your voice would be way better. Plus, I dont have internet at home, so I cant email back and forth later on, just call me. Lets get something going, its been a while for me. Looking forward to hearing your voice :)
- Jessica

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

As you can see he screwed up his wordspin program by including some of the coding "#SENDER_FNAME#" which is supposed to insert a name automatically. Secondly the "I am real" part is a dead giveaway indicating that he is not a real female. Then of course the inevitable "So heres your invite here Its NOT a dating site." Um right. Why would I got to a site rather than contacting you directly? Nice touch there at the end though trying to make it look like you posted from your Blackberry... except that kinda eliminates the problem of not having internet at home though huh? Do guys really fall for this stuff? Maybe I'm in the wrong business.