Monday, July 12, 2010


Wow women can be strange. Ok let's be fair so can men but in different ways...

Last week I followed up on an email from a woman not too far from where I am. Her picture looked great, she passed my spam check and everything seemed to be going fine until we started joking around. She made a reference to the amount of spam (the meat) consumed by Hawaiians in relation to the amount of email spam on Craigslist. I told her that I just so happened to be eating Hawaiian BBQ for dinner. She asked if I was kidding or just trying to make conversation and I should have picked up on the hint. No I wasn't kidding, I really was having Lau Lau Pork and rice for dinner. I didn't hear from her until the next day when she told me that we probably wouldn't get along since she is a vegetarian. Ooops I guess I should have caught that earlier. I don't care what she eats and it literally made me laugh when I heard her say that. Anyways whatever but there is a lesson to be learned here. Pay attention to the subtle stuff. When she says "Are you really X, or were you just kidding?" It's probably better to be kidding at least for the moment.

A wise friend once told me something that has helped me over the last ten years. If you have bad habits or things that she might find unattractive keep them to yourself until sleep with her. At that point she will rationalize why it's ok. Before that they will act as a deterrent. Women are very good at this by the way. You rarely find out about her problems until later on. If it's ok for them to conceal unattractive qualities then why shouldn't we?