Monday, May 31, 2010

"The thing I miss most is sex."

Thursday night I met a girl for dinner. I don't like doing dinner dates the first time meeting someone normally. The exception for this is when it will fulfill her requirements of justification. (I will talk about this concept in a separate post.) In this situation it was the best course of action. After using my specific description post on Craig's list I met another woman who is exactly my "type." Well one of my types anyways. There was the usual smalltalk back and forth via e-mail and then we actually chatted on IM which is something that I usually don't do either. Due to the geographic limitations caused by her living a good hour and a half from me I decided that I would rather invest some time chatting with her then drive that far and end up disappointed.

During the instant messaging there was some light sex themed conversation however it never got too detailed nor too personal. The most important thing about the conversation was a statement that she made. I made a remark in regards to her enthusiasm and her response was "Is it that obvious?" At that point it actually was obvious and she was admitting to being very anxious to meet me. While photos are one thing a woman's motivations often come more from the state that she feels at any particular moment. The state of this woman was lonely.

So we meet in the restaurant. As usual I insisted that she sit next to me at the table rather than across from me. I told her about how in some cultures sitting across from someone at a table is considered confrontational. I was not in the mood for confrontation. During the meal we started talking about dating after ending a relationship. She told me she had been divorced for awhile. Then she proceeded to tell me that the thing that she missed most about dating or being in a relationship was sex. It was an obvious statement so shortly after we went back to my place.

I wish that I could transcribe the entire conversation from beginning to end. But even if I could I have to say that I wouldn't make it public. I respect privacy and expect it. So notice that there were two things that happened both being indications of her loneliness and craving for intimate companionship. Outside of that I can't say that I did anything spectacular in the way of seduction. There was the usual minor resistance that one would encounter when being with a woman for the first time. I typically treat this with disinterest initially and then with slow minor advances. If she wants to make up her mind to do something she will on her own. I don't believe in any sort of coercion and have never observed a scene where it would be helpful.

I'll spare you the graphic details and hopefully I've gleaned some useful information for you from my experience. I'm working on something that should make everyone's online dating experience more productive. Keep an eye on upcoming posts.