Sunday, May 2, 2010

My date with a celebrity Part 2

I can't believe that it's been almost a month since I posted. From now on you have my word that posts will be more frequent. It's a little hard to juggle life, work and chasing women let alone writing about it but I will do my best...

I am getting pretty good at predicting how any particular meet might go after talking to a woman on the phone for a few minutes. It really is amazing how much you can learn about someone in a short period of time if you pay attention. The problem for a lot of guys is that paying attention to her can be a difficult thing when you are nervous, preoccupied, trying too hard to impress her or otherwise just screwing things up. It will get easier with time and experience I promise you. I will also write up some posts regarding female psychology soon. Hang in there if you are having a hard time with it. The payoff is well worth the effort!

So where were we? I believe I left off just before my date with a local celebrity so here goes:

I had sent my phone number to "Liza" after a few brief emails. As I mentioned previously my CL posting was for a very specific physical type and she had replied with photos and "I have to find out what you are about." Good sign. At this point I had to continue demonstrating my preference for her type while keeping my "game on" in light of her accomplishments.

I spoke to her briefly (small talk) and suggested that we meet the following evening. She asked me what I was doing tonight since she was busy tomorrow night. While I do recommend not being too available or easy, let me note that when a woman wants to a) see you b) kiss you c) sleep with you it is in your best interest to cooperate if you are interested in her. There are some exceptions to this rule but remember another thing about Craigslist women- they are lonely. (That means horny too.)

I told her that I would make some time and suggested a place close to my house where I knew a lot of people. It's great when everyone knows your name as long as they aren't the type to get you in trouble with other girls...

I recognized her and waved her over when she came in. I had purposely started a conversation with a very attractive cocktail waitress friend of mine. Being seen with hot girls is always a good thing as it gives you credibility and puts otherwise apprehensive women at ease. Do this whenever possible. As a matter of fact, you know that one hot girl that just wants to be friends? She is perfect for this role.

So I offer to get the first round and she orders tequila. Sweet, it's gonna be a great night! "Patron please" Oops. I almost spilled my own drink. $15 bucks a shot. Ok this better go really well and I have to get her out of there ASAP at least to a place that won't drain my wallet in record time.

We sat down and chatted for a bit. Most of the conversation is of little consequence other than the factors which led to us having a whole lot of fun which I will describe briefly.

1. During our conversation a girl at the next table over gave me a compliment on my shoes. Dress sharp! It helps.

2. At one point in the conversation she implied that she could have any guy that she wanted. I told her that this was not the case with me and she took it the wrong way. Usually women like her see this as a challenge. She did not and instead told me that we would not be having sex anytime soon. I had to backpedal in order to make it happen.

To this day I am not sure if the latter was a result of her not having as much self esteem as I had assumed or if she wanted to demonstrate that she was in control. Either way the correct course of action was for me to apologize for being so cocky which she accepted graciously. Sometimes you just have to swallow your pride to make progress. I've been around way too long to be stubborn.

After another shot of tequila and the tab ($75 with tip) we were off to my place.

I hope that the reader will not be disappointed that there is no Penthouse forum ending here. In fact I had the most phenomenal sex that I have ever had in my life that night. However, I want this blog to remain PG and do not wish to risk compromising my or anyone's lurid details. Let me just say that I experienced things I'd never done before that night and I have always considered myself worldly when it comes to sex. Wow! Simply unforgettable. We didn't sleep that night despite the fact that I had to work the next day. I was a total zombie at the job but it was more than worth it. Good thing I don't operate heavy machinery.

I have to say that this woman knew how to play the game as well as if not better than anyone I've ever met before. The next day she had sent me some pictures of herself in the nude (without her face showing.) Very hot. I purposely didn't call her for a few days but only texted instead. For whatever reason she wasn't as enthusiastic with her responses after day 3 and I had another date set up. Long story short we lost contact and both got involved with other people for a few weeks. Once I was ready to see her again she was already in a relationship. Not what I'm looking for but if I was I'd have to say that she would have been a candidate. We are still friends on a popular social network so that's interesting. So is the fact that I found her nude pics a weeks ago while surfing for porn. Don't ask where because you know that I'm not going to divulge that info. Any other questions I will be happy to answer here so ask away.

Until next time...