Monday, April 5, 2010

My date with a celebrity Part 1

A few weeks ago I put up one of my shortest, shallowest, and to the point ads ever and got EXACTLY what I wanted.

Now the strange thing about Craigslist is that you really never know what will work until you try it. For this reason I always encourage people to experiment and once in a while try just saying exactly what's on your mind. Now that doesn't mean just post "I want sex." Sure you could try that but the problem with it isn't what you probably think. It's ok to want sex but realize that women looking at the personals already know that most guys come out of the womb wanting sex.. well practically. So that statement doesn't really set you apart at all.

What does the trick sometimes is making the person on the other end feel like you want in a woman exactly what she has. Think about that for a minute. Have you ever read a job description and thought "That's me!" Hopefully it has happened but regardless here is what went down when I decided to request a very specific "type."


That was the exact title that I used. I went on in my description to explain that I realized how it sounded shallow and that I didn't care. A brief description of what I liked about red heads followed and that was it. It was literally one paragraph long.

The responses were varied but there were quite a few to choose from. As usual I ignored everything that came through without a photo, passed on the less attractive ones (funny thing about true red heads, most are either very hot or ugly as sin, not much in between) and ended up with three finalists. For some reason one of them looked very familiar but I didn't think much of it at first.

After sending my standard response which I will post in a private area soon, it hit me. The girl I recognized was a local minor celebrity! Imagine that. Someone who is hot, semi famous, and single is on Craigslist looking for a date! I had to think this one out a bit. Should I proceed as usual or was some special treatment required for a woman of this caliber?

Now most guys would be extra nice to any hot girl but we all know that doesn't work. Too many nice guys boring the hot women to sleep. No. I decided to play it the opposite way. Now I don't mean I would treat her badly, I just wasn't going to chase her or try to impress with money or favors. Obviously a woman like her gets that stuff from every other guy out there. My plan was to play hard to get...