Friday, December 2, 2011

One of my craziest ads yet!

I was thinking of ways to really get a reaction with my Craigslist personal ads. One benefit of posting free ads is that you really have little to lose. Take that and the desire to meet real women online and your brain starts to come up with creative ways to make that happen.

I decided to see how far I could push the envelope and came up with what I consider one of my most outrageous ads ever. Now I realize that one could create something with more shock value but let's remember that we are trying to meet real women online, not repel them. So how far can we go? Well, this is what I created, posted, and got some very interested responses to.

Keep in mind that most women feel that they could lose a few pounds even if they are not necessarily overweight...

"Lose weight while you date!"

"Ladies how would you like to stay in shape, meet someone who could become your potential mate, and participate in a study on the effects of rigorous sex on weight loss?

Yes this is a real ad. I am completely serious and not looking to just "hook up" for random sex. I have created a program that I believe can help people enjoy life more, stay in shape, and possibly sell a lot of books.

No your identity will not be revealed to anyone. There will be some before and after photos but your face will not be included anywhere without your permission.

Reply with a recent photo and brief bio for more information."

For the follow up I explained the details of the program as far as the when, where, and how often etc. Would you believe that I actually got responses from real women? I was blown away. It wasn't a lot but yes, there are some very horny women out there who expressed an interest in this program. Not many of them were all that attractive but most were willing and one in particular was hot enough that I decided to have an "audition" for her.

Be creative and see what you can come up with. Most importantly be different and you will generate interest. Have fun out there.