Monday, November 24, 2008

Responses to my personal ads

I haven't changed anything other than the phone numbers to protect the girls' identities. Some of them aren't the best writers as you can see from the spelling errors but you get the idea:

"....I couldn't agree more! Tell me more about you!"

"I fit your shall we proceed?"

"Hello! I agree with everything you said below except I feel I'm
pretty cool girl and ready to take chances - so here I go. Michelle
555.6452. If you are interested I can send you a picture as well."

"Thank you for your sharing a bit about yourself. It's interesting how you can tell a little more about a person just by the way they write. I'm not a school teacher, but I appreciate someone who writes in full sentences, can spell and use good grammar. Watch me spell something wrong now that I've said that. :-) ..."

"hi i just wanted to say that you have a sweet ad on here. i wanted to know how old u are? Im 32. i will attach my current pic for u. Send me one back please."

I can just imagine what kind of response you got. It takes a while to sort
out all the spam and junk to get to the actual people on here.
A little about me: Tall, single, relatively happy with my life. I have a
job rather than a career, but I enjoy it well enough. Educated, and love to
have fun - that IS what personal time is for, after all.
Photo attached, waiting for yours."

"WELLi DON'T EAT STEAKbut I can make an omelet friends first n people do ten to project what they want onto someone.I'm thinking u may be a Virgo? talking on the phone may be better 4 going into things. I'm going to bed now' 555-7736 afternoon is good or evening,"

These are just some of the ones that came through this past weekend. My mailbox is literally exploding.